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Botanical Name Common Name Category
Agastache Blue fortune Anise hyssop Perennial
Agastache Golden Jubilee golden anise hyssop Perennial
Alchemilla thriller lady's mantle Perennial
Allium schoenoprasum chives Perennial
Aloysia triphylla lemon verbena Annual
Angelica Gigas purple angelica Perennial
Anethum graveolum dill Annual
Asclepias Butterfly weed Pluerisy Root perennial
Artemisia`Silver Mound' wormwood Perennial
Artemesia `Powis castle' wormwood Perennial
Artemisia dracunculus tarragon Perennial
Coriander cilantro Annual
Curry Plant
Cimicfuga black cohosh snake root Perennial
Eucalyptus globulus  eucalyptus Tender perennial
Foeniculum vulgare fennel bronze&green Perennial
Galium  sweet woodruff Perennial
Lavendula Hidcote lavender Hidcote Perennial
Lavendula Phenomenal lavender  Perennial
Laurus Bay Laurel bay laurel Perennial
Mentha Mint chocolate Perennial
Mentha Mint peppermint Perennial
Mentha Mint spearmint Perennial
Mentha corsican mint
Monarda Jacob Cline bergamot Perennial
Monarda pardon me pink dwarf bergamot Perennial
Nepeta Walker's Low catmint Perennial
Ocimum basilicum basil Nufar Annual
Ocimum basilicum Aristotle Annual
Ocimum basilicum pesto perpetuo
oregano hot N spicy
Pettroselium neopolitanum Italian parsley Biannual
Pettroselium officinalis curley Parsley Perennial
Rosmarinus officinalis rosemary Perennial
Rosmarinus officinalis creeping rosemary Perennial
Salvia officinalis garden sage Perennial
Symphytum comfrey Perennial
Stevia Perennial
Thymus coccineus red creeping thyme Perennial
Thymus sp. wooley thyme Perennial
Thymus sp. lime thyme Perennial
Thymus sp. English thyme Perennial
Valarian officinalis valarian Perennial

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