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Botanical Name

Common Name



Asimina triloba paw paw  3 gal
Actinidia arguta hardy kiwi vine needs male & female 3 gal
Castanea mollissima chinese chestnut 5gal
Diospyrus virginina common persimmon 7gal
Fragaria Sparkle June bearing strawberry
Fragaria Ozark Beauty Everbearing strawberry
Malus Honeygold apple   Jonathan,golden delicious or Cortland 7gal
Malus Honeycrisp apple   almost any early apple 7gal
Malus Yellow Transparent apple  Yellow Transparent almost any early apple 5 gal
Malus Fuji apple Fuji cortland, gala, golden delicous 5gal
Malus Granny Smith apple  Granny Smith fuji, gala, golden delicious, wolf river 7 gal
Malus Jonathan apple  Jonathan fuji, gala, golden del, wolf river, granny smith 5 gal
Malus Jonagold apple Jonagold Honeycrisp, fuji
Malus Wolf River apple  Wolf River fuji, gala, golden delicious, granny smith 5 gal
Malus  Golden Delicious apple  Golden Delicious cortland, fuji, granny smith, honeycrisp 7gal
Malus Cortland apple  Cortland fuji, gala, golden del,granny smith, honeycrisp 7gal
Malus Gala apple   Gala cortland, fuji, granny smith, honeycrisp, wolf river 7gal
Prunus Pioneer Apricot Chinese apricot  needs pollinator 7gal
Prunus Moongold Apricot
Prunus Redhaven peach  Redhaven self fruitful 5gal
Prunus Contender peach Contender self fruitful 2 gal
Prunus Reliance peach Reliance  self fruitful 5gal
Prunus Bailey Hardy peach  Bailey Hardy self fruitful 5 gal
Prunus Saturn peach  Saturn self fruitful 5 gal
Prunus salicina plum Blue damson 3-4' self fruitful 5gal
Prunus salicina plum  Blue Jam self fruitful 5 gal
Prunus salicina plum  Toka good pollinator 5 gal
Prunus Bing  black cherry    use black tartarian or Stella 3gal
Prunus Tattarian  black cherry    use stella or Bing 5gal
Prunus Lapin sweet red cherry    self fruitful 5gal
Prunus Stella sweet black cherry self fruitful 5gal
Prunus  Sweetheart sweet red cherry    self fruitful 5gal
Prunus Montmerency sour red cherry   self fruitful 5gal
Prunus Northstar sour red cherry   self fruitful 7gal
Pyrus  Summercrisp pear Summercrisp Moonglow 7gal
Pyrus Bartlett pear Bartlett  Bosc 7 gal
Pyrus Moonglow pear monnglow Barlett, Bosc 5 gal
Rheum  red rhubarb 2gal
Rubus Chester thornless blackberry 2gal
Rubus Bristol  black raspberry 2gal
Rubus Heritage Raspberry red raspberry 2gal
Vacinium macrocarpon cranberry 3gal
Vaccinium Duke blueberry  bears earliest July 1
Vaccinium Elliott blueberry  bears late August
Vaccinium Patriot blueberry  bears early july 3 gal
Vaccinium Bluecrop blueberry  bears 3rd week of July 2 gal
Vitis Concord Seedless Purple seedless grape 3 gal
Vitis Edelweiss White  seedless grape 3 gal

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