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Botanical Name Common Name Color
Angelonia Serena blue angelonia  blue
Angelonia Serena purple angelonia  purple
Argyranthemum frutescens marguerite  Butterfly yellow
Argyranthemum frutescens marguerite  Molinda Pink pink
Bacopa Snowstorm White  bacopa white
Begonia million bells elegance   million kisses light pink
Begonia Dragon Wings  dragon wings begonia pink pink
Begonia Dragon Wings  dragon wings begonia red red
Begonia Million Kisses Amour red
Begonia Tuberous non stop red tuberous begonia red
Begonia Tuberous non stop mix tuberous begonia mix
Beg. Million Kisses Devotion million kisses  begonia red
Begonia Million Kisses Honeymoon million kisses  begonia yellow
Beg. Bayou White semperflorens  begonia white
Beg. Bayou Scarlet semperflorens  begonia red
Capsicum Black Pearl ornamental pepper black
Calibrachoa Superbells Blue superbells dwarf petunias blue
Cal. Superbells white superbells dwarf petunias white
Cal. Superbells Cherry blossom superbells dwarf petunias red
Cal. Superbells Cherry Star superbells dwarf petunias red/bicolor
Cal. SuperbellsCoralberry Punch superbells dwarf petunias pink/bycolor
Cal. Superbells Red superbells dwarf petunias red
Cal. Superbells Blackberry punch superbells dwarf petunias pink /darkeye
Cal. Millionbells Tequila sunrise million bells dwarf petunias orange/bicolor
Cal. Superbells Yellow superbells dwarf petunias yellow
cal.superbells Lemon Slice superbells dwarf petunias yellow/white
Chlorophytum Green Edge spider plant foliage/green-white
Caladiums mix colors
Coleus Wasabi
Coleus Big Blonde coleus lime green
Coleus Colorblaze Sedona coleus orange
Coleus Kiwi Fern coleus purple
Coleus Henna coleus yellow
Colocasia Heart of the Jungle Elephant ears foliage purple
Cordyline Red Sensation Red spikes foliage red
Dahlia dahlietta Anna dwarf dahlia mixed
Dahlia dahlietta Leanne dwarf dahlia red
Dahlia Dahlietta Lily
Dahlia Figaro mix dwarf dahlia mix
Dianthus Ideal mix pinks mix
Dracaena indivisa  spikes foliage green
Dracaena indivisa Bi color varigated spikes varigated
Eucalyptus Silverdrop Eucalyptus Silverdrop silver
Euphorbia Breathless Blush euphorbia pink
Euphorbia BreathlessWhite euphorbia white
Geranium patriot Salmon zonal geranium salmon
Geranium patriot Watermelon zonal geranium bright pink
Geranium Caliente Coral Hot geranium hot pink
Geranium Vancouver Centennial stellar geranium orange
Geranium Indian Dunes brocade geranium varigated
Geranium Patriot Bright Red zonal geranium red
Geranium Mini Cascade ivy geranium red
Geranium Global stars and stripes ivy geranium red/bicolor
Impatiens Xtreme Lavender impatiens lavender
Impatiens accent red impatiens red
Impatiens accent white impatiens white
Impatiens xtreme mix little gem impatiens mix
Impatiens xtreme Salmon impatiens salmon
Impatiens stardust mix impatiens mix
Impatiens super elfin lipstick impatiens pink
Imp.Rockopulco red double impatiens coral
Ipomoea Blackie sweet potato vine black
Ipomoea Illusion Midnight Lace sweet potato vine dark red
Ipomoea Marguerite sweet potato vine lime green
Ipomoea Bright Ideas Lime sweet potato vine lime green
Lantana Evita Red lantana red
Lantana Evita Rose lantana rose
Lobelia Hot Tiger lobelia heat tolorant
Lobelia Laguna Sky Blue lobelia heat tolorant blue
Lobelia Lucia Dark Blue lobelia heat tolorant dark blue
Lobularia Snow Princess alyssum all summer white
Lobularia Blushing Princess alyssum all summer pink
Lysomachia Walkabout Sunset lysomachia foliage/lime green
Mandavilla Sophia mandavilla red
Marigold  Inca gold African marigold mix
Marigold  Boy o Boy mix French marigold mix
Marigold  Primrose mix French marigold mix
Marigold Janie primrose yellow French marigold yellow
Musa Basjoo hardy banana green
Musa Basjoo zebrina rojo varigated banana varigated
Nasturtium Red Wonder nasturtium red
Osteospermum margarita sepia African daisy light gold
Osteospermum Margarita Cascata Purple African daisy purple
Oxalis Zinfindal oxalis foliage dark red
Oxalis Charmed oxalis dark purple
Oxalis MoltenLava oxalis copper/gold
Pansy Cool wave Purple pansy purple
Pansy Cool wave mix pansy mix
Pansy Cool wave berry &Creme pansy bicolor white/dark purple
Pansy Cool Wave  golden yellow pansy white
Petunia Cha-Ching Cherry petunia cherry
Petunia perfectunia yellow petunia yellow
Petunia Supertunia Bordeau petunia mauve
Petunia Pretty Much Picasso petunia purple/green rim
Petunia Supertunia Red petunia red
Petunia Vista Bubble Gum petunia pink
Petunia Vista Silverberry petunia very light pink
Petunia Wave Blue petunia blue
Plecthranthus varigated Swedish Ivy variegated
Portulaca Happy hour mix purslane mix
Strobilanthus Persain shield purple veined foliage
Verbena Enduro verbena purple
Verbena Aztec Dark Red verbena red
Verbena Lanai Red verbena coral
Verbena Royal plum verbena  plum
Verbena violet ice verbena violet
Vinca flowering vinca mix
Vinca WoJo's gem vinca foliage varigated
zinnia Short Stuff zinnia mix
zinnia  Cut and Come Again zinnia rose

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