Monday, February 10, 2014

Pssssssst … you may have heard it by now

Yes. It’s true. We are selling Groundworks.

It has been a great 30 years of being our own bosses, spending our time growing plants, working with countless folks in their yards, and exploring the vast changes the nursery and landscape industry has been through. The best part was making it available to our friends and neighbors in southern West Virginia. We never had any training in it; we just figured it out as we went along. Looking back, it has been a very satisfying way to have spent our most productive years.

But it has outgrown our capacities and we wanted to offer it before we were totally spent. We are committed to another year (the 2014 season) of keeping the gate open. We would love to find just the right folks to carry it on using the building blocks of our endeavor to create something of their own. We are more than happy to help get the ball rolling and to assist in making it a success.
We have been blessed by luck and location to create a niche nursery. Beginning with landscape contracting we grew into plant production at our home, which attracted customers. In 1998, we opened a garden center on 2.6 acres between the Greenbrier River and a busy highway two miles from home. Our selection of goods increased every year. Hundreds of people have made multiple pilgrimages seeking plants, ideas and help with their landscaping.  

Our business should appeal to folks wanting to labor with real materials, to associate in a genuine rural community, and to take the risks of trading alongside a beautiful river. We have built a strong and flexible infrastructure to withstand the occasional high water. We still love the work and stand ready to pass along our knowledge. We are asking $250, 000 for this enterprise.