Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ephemeral – Lasting for just a short time

We seem to want it all, all the time, but there is something to be said for the
ephemeral, reminding us of the moment – the beauty of now and the promise
it will all be coming back to us next spring.
Spring is full of the ephemeral, as nature rushes to get itself established in the growing season. All kinds of early-blooming plants, trees, shrubs and perennials are forming their seeds and restoring their carbohydrates for the upcoming dormant season. That’s why there are so few long-blooming plants at this time of year. And that’s why there is no such thing as a plant that blooms all season and comes up the next year.

Some plants, like the old-fashioned bleeding heart (Dicentra spectabilis) have another strategy: They bloom while the weather is relatively cool and then go completely dormant in the summer, hiding from the heat. You will never see a full-blooming bleeding heart in August. But isn’t it grand to have plants that scream April!

Bleeding heart
Another old-fashioned plant, the snowball bush (Viburnum macrocephelum), is all about April and May.  It has an abundance of bloom and so easy to take care of.

Snowball bush


  1. The older I get the more ephemeral everything is.... how beautiful to have this image aligned with my ephemeral existence....

  2. The older I get the more ephemeral everything seems... this lovely set of images will align my internal ephemeral blooms