Monday, April 23, 2012

Celebrating Earth Day

Ruben, Chris, Debbi and Hudson.
Earth Day 2012 wasn't much of a day for selling plants here at the garden center, but what the heck – Groundworks always considers it a good day for picking up trash. Four of us plucked 15 bags of litter from the byway and enjoyed doing it.

Christ found the toy gun, making for
the perfect still-life-with weapon
photo opportunity.
Hudson Knights was proud of the Federal Bureau of Prisons staff shirt that he pulled, wet and filthy, from the ditch. His brother, Ruben, scored some golf balls the Willowood Country Club aces so ably stroke across the Greenbrier River.

Debbi McNeer was taken with the vast quantity of beverage containers that populate the roadside. And Chris Chanlett led a chorus of acclaim that McDonald's won the sweepstakes for the most massive contribution to highway litter.

Does this corporation make any effort to offset the labor donated by volunteers to clean up after its way of doing business? In eight hours this morning along two miles of highway we picked up hundreds of pieces of junk with McD emblazoned on them. Thanks, Mickey, for the exercise!

Two hours later, the crew poses with their pick-up-stick weapons and bags of bounty.

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  1. I always take my trash home with me. That's what the bag is for they put your stuff in. I continue to use mine for a trash bag until I get home. And then I clean my car out!

    See you all soon!

    WV Flag Girl